The Restaurant Lab & Klimato joins forces

How can a restaurant work in line with the UN sustainability goals?

By connecting science with the food industry, this is what The Restaurant Lab have set off to find out. Operating as a proper research center, with tests, measurements, and of course a lab, the restaurant will showcase the food that will save the world. Or as The Restaurant Lab says so much better on their website;

“Through a design-driven process we create a full-scale test bed in a commercial environment that connects the worlds of academia and business. We implement scientific research and development of new technology to enable future resource-efficient restaurants. This generates a control system for the researchers' need for knowledge and the business community's need for answers.” - The Restaurant Lab

The Restaurant Lab contacted us to support the tracking of carbon emissions and together we are excited to test the boundaries of just how sustainable a restaurant can become.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help your company get on track of carbon tracking - Don’t hesitate to send us a message at