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Cool Climate labeling

Klimato makes climate labeling. Climate labeling helps your guests choose climate smart - and show that you care about the climate issue!


You are in good company.

These progressive companies have already started.

I see it as an excellent solution to work with Klimato when it comes to labeling our offering with the impact the guest’s choice has on the environment. Enabling a conscious choice in a simple and clear way, as well as the opportunity to follow up and feedback the information to the guest is of high priority at us at Sodexo.
— Johnny S, Food & Beverage Manager på Sodexo/Astra Zeneca

Give the climate a chance?

This is our friends.

It is no fun trying to save the world on you own. We have acquired good friends who share the same vision that we at Klimato - together we make climate labeling possible, factual and credible!


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